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R & D

Our cocktail popsicles are produced and delivered to the end user in very thin plastic wraps. They can be frozen just before consumption making its storage a real and substantial hassle-free operation.

Our R&D team has a long standing experience and expertise and can create specific identity-driven aromatic flavours by using state of the art techniques.

Created and elaborated by a team of engineers operating in cleanroom conditions in order to meet EU regulation (very tough) requirements, our R&D program is always based and spurred by the feed-back we get from our agents, distributors and importers worldwide.

Our goal is to suggest the best original and authentic flavours. We can also, on demand, elaborate specific cocktail popsicles and grant an exclusivity.

Flash 88 is an ice cocktail popsicle with alcohol R&d production


We source our “raw material” for our ice pops from the best possible areas worldwide (Rhum from the West Indies, Whiskey from Scotland, Ireland and Canada, Vodka from Eastern Europe) being very careful at all times to go by the rules (EU, FDA, FEMA etc) complying with the highest hygiene standards.